About Us

About Us

Resolution Arch are New Zealand’s architectural remedial specialists.

Finding out that you own or live in a building with defects is unpleasant, but fixing the problem, and breathing new life and value into it shouldn’t be. Our team have the experience and expertise to facilitate repairs in a timely manner, skilfully and working within budget.  

The impact of ‘leaky building syndrome’ has been disastrous for thousands of New Zealanders, the building industry and the country as a whole. Resolution Arch was formed with the explicit aim of being part of the solution and today we work on a range of architectural solutions for buildings affected by defects. We want to help New Zealanders put their homes and workplaces – and their lives – back together, and move forward towards a better, weathertight future. 

As a sister company to the high-end architectural firm Creative Arch, we have worked on over 200 remedial and building defects projects in Auckland and across New Zealand since our inception in 2009. With every single project we strive to deliver a successful and weathertight solution that precisely matches the needs of each individual client. 

Our commitment and expertise 

As a team of architectural remedial specialists, we guarantee a successful outcome for every building project. Our team are experienced with renovation and repair of buildings suffering defects, as well as buildings in need of a re-cladding upgrade and re-builds. Our close tie to award-winning residential and commercial architecture firm Creative Arch assures the highest quality both structurally and aesthetically.  

Customer service is our top priority 

We pride ourselves on our excellent relationships with our clients and a commitment to collaboration and communication. From the outset, you’ll be deeply involved in the design of your solution, whether you are an individual or represented by a body corporate.  

By talking with you and involving you in every step of the process, the solution you receive will be designed to meet your unique needs, budget and schedule. By working with you in this way, we hope to build a lasting relationship with you, and a better future for all New Zealanders. 

Sustainable architecture through traditional and state-of-the-art methods 

We strongly believe in high quality, sustainable architecture, and we always consider not just the cost of building, but the ongoing maintenance, energy costs, efficiency and comfort of any new build or alteration we design.  

It’s important that the remedial works are carried out to the highest standards, and our specialist team employ traditional architectural methods, as well as using state of the art technology that will allow you to see 3D renders to visualise the final product. 


Architectural solutions for building remediation

If you’re looking for a professional and reliable partner to work with you on your building remediation project, you can rely on Resolution Arch. 

Originally part of award-winning architectural firm Creative Arch, we now focus exclusively on building repairs, and specialise in providing high quality architectural plans and documentation for remedial work.  

As our client, you will benefit from our wide network of trusted professionals, from building surveyors and lawyers to builders and interior designers, all of whom you can rely on to provide high quality work and to assist with every aspect of your project.  

Adding value through architectural solutions 

Our work is based on the simple premise that quality design directly improves the way we live. 

Repair work isn’t just about spending money with no return. Resolution Arch specialises in adding value with distinctive and intelligent design. We actively improve aesthetics, as well as ensure solid protection from water penetrating the building envelope.  

These design changes are proven to significantly add value, both financially and emotionally. Our clients frequently enjoy the financial benefits of homes and commercial buildings with increased market value. 

Our design solutions often involve upgrading your building to meet the latest NZ Building Code and Healthy Homes Standards, making them safer and more comfortable. Every project is followed up with a comprehensive maintenance plan to ensure you know exactly how to look after it and prevent any further issues. 

Residential and commercial architectural solutions 

We work closely with individual clients and body corporates to ensure a solution that meets your precise needs and budget, no matter what type of building you need repaired. Ask us about architectural plans and documentation for: 

  • Residential homes 
  • Apartments 
  • Multi-unit dwellings 
  • Commercial buildings 
  • Public buildings 
  • Educational buildings 

Architectural project costs  

We appreciate that it’s critical for you to know the costs involved before you undertake any repair work, although the nature of repair work often makes it difficult to predict exact costs. That’s why we’ll always quote realistic costs, and keep you fully informed about costs at every stage of the project. 

The initial consultation will generally allow us to provide you with a maximum price quote for stages one to four (see Process). The remaining two stages require varying levels of input, depending on your project and needs, so an hourly rate is charged for any work required.