Adding value to leaky buildings

The leaky building repair work we do isn’t just about righting past wrongs, and giving you back the same home you’ve always had. It’s about actively improving the situation and adding value, both financially and emotionally.

Increasing the market value of a leaky building

Working with Resolution Architecture on your leaky building project means you’ll be investing in distinctive architectural work that is completed on time and on budget. What’s more, every project is followed up with a comprehensive maintenance plan, to ensure the building stays watertight, and all manufacturers’ warranties are upheld.

Because of this, our clients frequently enjoy the financial benefits of homes and commercial buildings with increased market value.

(increased financial value examples – as per Creative Arch site)

The value of good design

But perhaps even more importantly, we also strive to deliver value through design, which we strongly believe can improve the way we live and work. When we work on your leaky building project, the result you enjoy will be innovative architecture that will ultimately enrich the lives of those who inhabit it.

Adding Value

In today's market, where costs keep on increasing - it has become more important than ever to forge close relationships between the client, designer, and the builder to ensure a successful outcome.

A particular strength, is our ability to add value to the process by creating distinctive work for clients on schedule and on budget.

Our work is based on the simple premise that quality design directly improves the way we live.

Our business is committed to creating distinctive and innovative architecture that ultimately enriches the lives of those who inhabit it.

We believe in the power of design. It has the ability to improve the experience for people, but also to add value, financially for our clients.

Remuera Apartments

Construction Cost $70,000
Valuation Increase $220,000
Net Gain Value $150,000