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Leaky house renovation process

Throughout the process, you’ll enjoy open lines of communication with our design team, and weekly progress reports to keep you up to date. That way, you can stay in complete control of your house renovation plans, from the first step, to the last.

Step-by-step process

Click on the diagram to learn what’s involved in each of the six steps in your architectural project, and how long you should allow for each stage.

STAGE 1: Pre-design & Site Analysis

This involves the gathering of all information required prior to commencing design.

Scope of work would typically include; site analysis, site measuring, developing the brief, gathering all council related information, and advice on separate consultants.

You may already have a lot of this information.

Allow 1-2 weeks for this process.

STAGE 2: Preliminary Sketch design

We begin by relating your requirements to the site, existing building, market demands and the information provided. Taking these into account with the existing structure and site constraints, we look at options to add value and improve the existing building while trying to minimise costs. These considerations will form the parameters for the preliminary design. At this stage we will initially be concerned with overall space planning and developing exterior forms. Possible consideration of materials and colours will also be addressed at this stage.

We will typically prepare proposed layout plans, a couple of key external sketches and a study section.

Your feedback will be incorporated into the design at this stage and carried through into the Developed Design stage where we begin detailed design work.

Client sign-off is required prior to commencing with the next stage of service 

STAGE 3: Developed Design

The agreed design would then be developed, evolving structural design and services issues. We will finalise space planning (indoor and outdoor), exterior forms and materials. The engagement of the required Consultants for the project, should also be confirmed at this stage.

Developed sketch drawings will typical be produced as resolved floor plans, site plan and elevations, including key study sections and may also include a developed computer model or perspective sketch to further illustrate the concept and sufficient to obtain a PIM (project information memorandum) from the local authority.

We recommend engaging an independent quantity surveyor at this stage, to gain more comprehensive costing as a check against your budget and to make any adjustment to our fee. 

Resource Consent. (if required)

This work would be performed on a time charge basis (refer charge rates in disbursement schedule) and would typically be inclusive of the following; a written assessment of effects; additional drawings/documents required for neighbours sign-off; Resource Consent lodgment at council; answer council queries; changes to the design if council or neighbours do not give approval.

Client sign-off is required prior to commencing with the next stage of service

STAGE 4: Contract Documentation

Further development of the design and the necessary documentation would be prepared as required for Building Consent, Tendering, and Construction of the works (all dependent on scope of service provided).

Please refer to the list below for deliverables during this phase.

Architectural Drawing list (Typical & Initial only)

STAGE 5: Tendering and Negotiations

We offer our clients a schedule of services we see as appropriate for this phase, with an associated hourly rate charge.

The tendering processes is inclusive of the following;

STAGE 6: Construction Phase (Contract Administration)

We offer our clients a schedule of services we see as appropriate for this phase, with an associated hourly rate charge. We would like the opportunity to negotiate fees for this phase once the type of Contract and particular Contractor have been selected.

We would like to confirm with you your requirements for Construction phase services once Contract Documentation is nearing completion.

We would recommend that any works are undertaken under an appropriate NZS3910 Contract.

Construction phase time typical involves;