I wanted to put on record, on behalf of Parnell Oaks Body Corporate, my enormous appreciation for the work done on our behalf by yourself, Sam McCabe and others at Resolution Arch. 

As you know, what started as a relatively straight-forward ‘reclad’ project became what was effectively almost a ‘rebuild’ from the outside in when we discovered in the early stages of the project that many structural and other elements of the interior of the 10 townhouses in the complex, did not and had never come close to being compliant, despite having been signed off at the time by the Auckland City Council. 

The chances of the whole project becoming completely pear-shaped at that stage were very high. The fact that it didn’t, but continued to a successful conclusion, is down to the team work, flexibility and problem solving attitudes shown by all involved. 

The end result is a modern, very attractive townhouse complex, which has been much admired. 

The clincher for all the owners is that the properties valued at around $1 million at the start of the project (essentially the underlying value of the land) got a rebuild investment of around $850,000 per owner, and are now worth $2.2 to 2.5 million. 

I would be more than happy for you to use this as a reference, and to respond personally to any queries from prospective clients.  

Phillip Melchior

Chair, Parnell Oaks Body Corporate

RCC Remediate Limited was selected to work with Resolution Architecture to undertake remediation and refurbishment work to the apartment complex at 10 Augustus Terrace in Parnell. 

This work included recladding the exterior of the building, remediation work to the building structure, decks, and external passageways and additionally work as requested by each of the apartment owners. 

The building is cantilevered over a very steep slope and has a parking level with 12 apartments above. Access was very limited for construction. Due to the close location of two adjacent buildings the remediation work had to be planned, designed and undertaken in innovative ways. 

Resolution Architects, in particular Mark McLeay, were a pleasure to work with. They understood construction issues and restraints, and were always ready to adapt the design to gain the best solution for both the Client and the Contractor. 

Resolution worked with the Clients, Consultants and us the Building Contractor as a partner in the process. They acted professionally throughout and were instrumental in delivering a building that everyone is proud of within the client's budget. 

They managed the project from inception to completion and kept on top of a variety of issues that inevitably arise on remediation projects. We would have no hesitation in recommending Resolution Architecture to any client on a future project such as this.

Stuart Mills


We specialise in dealing with Body Corporates suffering from original design and construction problems. We have utilised the services of Resolution Architecture to assist a number of our Body Corporates over the past five years. 

Resolution Architecture have been involved in the completion of a range of projects, ranging from 22 units in Paihia ($4 million) to 214 units in Auckland ($10 million). They have also successfully completed a small 6 unit complex in Grafton (approximately $2 million). They are currently involved in several projects in Flat Bush, along with one in Mt Albert. The current projects in total are in the order of 250 units. 

Resolution Architecture have undertaken the role of both architect and engineer to the contract, as well as fulfilling project management functions. We have been universally delighted with their performance levels and standards and have no hesitation in recommending them to our other Body Corporates, or indeed other prospective clients. The highlight of their involvement has invariably been their responsiveness when issues arise and their pragmatism in resolving challenges in a commercial fashion.

Craig Leishman

Boutique Body Corporates Ltd

As the media is constantly reminding us Leaky homes are prolific and we are only just starting to understand the massive problem that faces NZ. 

Unfortunately my husband and I had to experience it first hand. My beautiful home and sanctuary that I bought back in 2000 was slowly falling down, the reality was a complete rebuild without of course removing the base structure of the house and affecting our weather tight claim. Mark M and Resolution Architecture were selected as the architects for the project. Unfortunately it wasn't like building a new home where the plans are an exciting adventure you look forward to seeing, ours was just a necessity that we wanted to get done as soon as possible as every month without tenants was another drain on the pocket. 

Resolution Architecture were selected because of their communication style, professionalism, sensitivity to the project ahead and most importantly their ability to listen to our needs and meet them. 

Throughout the process the team added value and advised on potential materials to be used to improve the future protectiveness of the property, while still taking into account the cost of any changes. The Resolution Architecture team worked well with multiple parties, including a building surveyor, builders, council, colour consultants and suppliers. They went the extra mile visiting the council - without charging - to negotiate rates for inspections. 

Weekly progress updates were given and invoicing was always accurate and timely. Resolution Architecture have fantastic processes and people that can be relied on. 

They have made a painful process easier and have done an amazing job. We now have a wonderful new home that was very difficult for us not to move into ourselves. 

I would and have recommended Resolution Architecture to others for all levels of architectural work.

Lee Eglinton

Our company has been involved with remedial repairs on homes for the last five years and have worked with Resolution Architecture over the last two. 

We have found their plans to be accurate and their detailing provides sensible, economic, customised solutions. 

Mark McLeay has a team of experienced architects which he manages well. Mark and his team are always accessible and professional to deal with.

Bryan Wheatcroft

Modus Construction

This letter is to confirm that Mark McLeay and his team at Resolution Arch have been supplying architectural, project management and related building services to my company for the past six years or so. 

During this period Mark has undertaken numerous building and sub division related jobs on various properties for me. In my dealings with Mark and his team, they have always been very professional, honest and trustworthy suppliers and have always provided me with timely and high quality services.

John Prasad

Director Malti Investments Limited

After having had no previous dealings with Resolution Architecture, but with recommendations from other professionals who had used your Company before, it was great to be able to easily communicate my requirements and have them resolved without issues. 

I was also pleased to see that they were open to utilising my contacts (Surveyor and Engineer) without any additional effort. 

The net effect is that we now have a brick house, with the same exterior plaster look as before, which should not have any further water tightness issues. Additionally, we have managed to remove one of the offending decks and replace it with fabulous walk in pantry and additional wardrobe, all on the same footprint. 

A great result, and thanks for the part which Resolution Architecture played in the resolution of the unpalatable water tightness mess which we had been landed with.

Carron Bardsley

We would like to mention the wonderful service we got from you... during the last few months. 

Your professionalism and response to all our queries and requests was faultless and very much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Lyall and Lin Brown