Why Choose Resolution Architecture?

The leaky building issue may have left you with little faith in the building industry, but there are people you can trust to make sure you end up with a safe, sound and fully weathertight home. Resolution Architecture are one such company. Because we specialise solely in leaky building repairs, we can provide the highest quality service to leaky building owners like you.

Sustainable architecture for weathertight homes

Choosing Resolution Architecture to design the architectural plans for your leaky building repairs will give you the comfort of knowing that your home is safe, sound and weathertight for many years to come. We strongly believe in high quality, sustainable architecture, and we always consider not just the costs of building, but the ongoing energy costs, efficiency and comfort of any home or alteration we design.

Combining traditional skills with state-of-the-art technology

When you choose an designer, you want to be sure they have the skills and experience needed to design a highly successful outcome for your project. Nowhere is that more true than with a leaky building, where remedial work needs to be carried out to the highest standards to avoid making the situation worse.

When you work with Resolution Architecture, you’ll be working with a team of designers who are both qualified and experienced in traditional architectural skills, and have the resources of a multi award-winning architectural firm behind them too.

You’ll also enjoy the benefits of our state-of-the-art technology, such as our full suite of high-end CAD software. With this technology, you can see lifelike 3D renderings of your project, and you can rest assured that your architectural plans and documentation are both accurate and fully compliant.

Contact us today to book a consultation and find out how we could help you with your leaky building problem.

Turning a negative experience into a positive one

Owning a leaky building can be a distressing experience, but turning it into a weathertight home needn’t be. An architectural project should be an exciting and enjoyable experience for everyone – particularly you – and that’s exactly what we strive to achieve with every project.

It’s our job to ensure that your architectural vision comes to life, and while we offer creative solutions and ideas, you will remain firmly in control of your project at all times, until we reach a solution that works for you.

Working collaboratively with Resolution Architecture, you’ll be able to resolve your leaky building issues quickly, efficiently, and with complete confidence in the end result.